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Francois Enzler - Stay Cool and Sail

Francois Enzler

Skipper - Corporate trainer and Coach

Sharing the benefits of sailing and coaching to empower you and your teams to stay cool and sail towards your goals 

In the last 25 years, I have held most of the functions from bottom to top of the ladder, in companies as diverse as hospitality, real estate, relocation of multinational companies and more. During this journey, the weather was not always fair, I passed two economic crises, co-lead numerous radical changes all this while keeping a single alignment: developing myself and consistently learning to lead my teams, colleagues and friends to a safe and fun place, allowing them to grow personally as well as in their professional mastery, for their own good and that of the boat. (Because we are in the same boat!)

In 2018, I literally  set out to sea, leaving the world of big firms to become a professional skipper (RYA - Yachtmaster Offshore).  After a few thousand nautical miles and trips much appreciated by my clients, I am returning to base and to formalize and consolidate my coaching experience with a Coaching ACC (IFC) accreditation.  Sailing and Coaching are indeed metaphorically and "experiencially" absolutely compatible.  

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