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Pogo 44

The ultimate sport and pleasure cruise

Pogo 44


Location : Quiberon ( Brittany) 

Build year: 2022

Length overall: 13.70 m (44 ft)

Cabins: 4                Max Pax: 8

Heads: 2

Embark on an extraordinary sailing adventure aboard the Pogo 44, renowned for its remarkable characteristics that seamlessly blend speed and comfort! Explore the captivating Morbihan region, including Les Glénans, Houat, Belle-Île, and the Gulf. The Pogo 44 promises an unparalleled experience with its cutting-edge design and expert crew, catering to both beginners and seasoned sailors. Picture yourself navigating the open sea, feeling the wind in your hair amidst breathtaking landscapes. Secure your spot now for a comprehensive journey through the Morbihan on the extraordinary Pogo 44—where every wave brings a new discovery!

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