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Step up into the tribe

A programme applying mental fitness to your personal life changing situations

for fast and lasting transformations.  

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Proposed by François Enzler

Relocation Expert, Leadership Coach, ACC and PQ® Practitioner. 

"There is no better time to work on building mental fitness than when we are in a zone of slight discomfort or stretch. This occurs when we are stepping into an unfamiliar space, a new tribe, a new country, a new job, team or role. A space where customs and interactions challenge our habits and our beliefs


I have been fortunate to relocating families and leaders for over 25 years in a multitude of personal and professional contexts. This program goes further as it will provide benefits far beyond its time and space. It is a step into your Cultural Agility that will help you step up into any tribe with self-awareness, confidence and empathy." 

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Based on Research

The program is based on the research of Shirzad Charmine, New York Times Bestselling author of Positive Intelligence, translated in 20 languages. 

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What you can expect

  • Peak performance

  • Peace of mind/wellness

  • Healthy relationships

Positive intelligence ® is an operating system with many applications. In the first 6 weeks you develop your 3 core mental muscles. Then you continue to practice to use these muscles in a variety of work and life applications.

What you get

  • A personal Mental Fitness App 

  • Accountability partners

  • A coach to lead the program 

The blend of accountability, tracking and the personal touch of your coach will guide you to apply rapidly the benefits of your new fitness to your personal life applications. 

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Begin your journey here

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