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Francois Enzler
Skipper - Facilitator and Coach

Francois is the founder of Stay Cool and Sail. As skipper, facilitator and coach, he also brings with him a wide experience of leadership, with a hint of sailing metaphors (would you have guessed !)

François now splits his time between coaching and sailing. He is passionate about the stories that are behind the words and define the culture of an organisation. He loves to work with leaders who want to redefine their purpose as a foundation of the culture change that they wish to drive for joint the well-being of their team and fulfillment of the organisation's purpose.

François has lead numerous teams in a variety of organisations (profit and non-profit) before becoming a professional skipper. He is also ACC certified coach, OKR certified (GMThub), certified Work Energy Analysis, Certified Neuroscience, certified SPRINT facilitator an PQ Practitioner. 

Born in Geneva, he went to school in France, UK and Switzerland and has worked in a multinational environment most of his professional life. He still very much enjoys simply taking people sailing for pleasure. 

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