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We Partner with Leaders to Drive Culture Change

So that each and all members of their team take care of themselves,  
of each other, and of their shared mission.


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Drive Change

Any organization facing VUCA environment is like a sailing boat in challenging conditions, on which the crew need contribute to a safe passage with purpose, autonomy and masteryThey will rely on each other’s social skills, critical thinking and emotional agility to overcome these challenges together and sail on with calm, ease and speed. Rather than enduring change, drive change inside your organization to become a wining team. 

Heading with Purpose

The role of a leader is not to manage the people but to manage the space in which the individuals will form a team that will evolve safely over time. Our model provides insights on the possible unexploited forces that will enable the organisation to steer a meaningful course relying on its team's healthy and confident contribution on board. 

How it Works?
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Coaching and sailing background


We can help you to set up a shared open log book which aligns the personal, team and organization goals and enables the tracking of where our organization is on its journey.

Purpose sharing by workshop facilitation.

We invite you to bring together individuals across all levels and functions to define a common purpose, vision, values as a foundation to establishing a strategy. 

Autonomy nurturing by coaching

We partner with you through one-on-one our team coaching, nurturing awareness, growth, safety and trust with a special focus on unleashing personal and team potential. 

Mastery building by training

We propose to boost your leadership skills and deploy mastery and learning as part of your strategy, allowing your team to be masters at what they do and grow beyond. 

Safety nurturing by navigating

or Experience it by Sailing with me




You can count on us to raise awareness to what really matters and what is really happening in your environment, your people and yourself. 


You can count on us to create a safe space where

positive energy + collaboration = exponential value for you.


You can count on us to be honest and transparent by encouraging feedback to flow through and through respectfully and constructively. We encourage everyone to “speak up”. We recognize that it requires courage to be vulnerable.


You can count on us to be attached to whatever outcome is the best for you. Your journey is our journey.