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We help leaders to build a thriving and caring work environment

So that all team members can offer their highest contribution

to a shared purpose and achieve ambitious results



What we know

To implement a true leadership culture founded on values and behaviors does not happen by accident. 

The challenge

The uncertainties and pressures weighing on organisations and companies are constantly increasing. Leadership capabilities need to adapt to a new generation and a new environment. Trainings without practice have no lasting impact.

The opportunity

Recent research in Positive Psychology and Neuroscience concur and demonstrate that happiness and well-being contributes to higher performance

Our proposed solutions

The combined approach of insightful coaching supported by a Work Energy Analysis® or PQ® Program is a guarantee of sustained change towards building new habits and a more positive mind set. 

Our support strategy incorporates all that you have read on well-being, stress and burnout prevention, personal effectiveness and more. We do this by offering you one of two options which will be the most suited to you or your team.  Work Energy Analysis ® or Positive Intelligence ® which incorporates your personal Mental Fitness program. 




You can count on us to raise awareness to what really matters and what is really happening in your environment, your people and yourself. 


You can count on us to create a safe space where

positive energy + collaboration = exponential value for you.


You can count on us to be honest and transparent by encouraging feedback to flow through and through respectfully and constructively. We encourage everyone to “speak up”. We recognize that it requires courage to be vulnerable.


You can count on us to be attached to whatever outcome is the best for you. Your journey is our journey. 

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Francois Enzler
Skipper - Facilitator and Coach

François advises and coaches leaders who wish to create a workspace in which everyone takes care of themselves, their team mates and their shared purpose.

Coach ACC,  Applied Neuroscience, PQ Practitioner ™, Sprint

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